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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently residing in Queens working a day job as an IT Technician.. Like you, Arnold is someone who loves the arts, His first introduction to the arts like many of you was when he was a toddler. They gave him a crayon and a sheet of paper to draw so he would be distracted with something. At the age of 12 he started to learn how to play the guitar. He also loved to sing and started to teach himself how to sing the right way. He put down his guitar for a bit so that I can go back to drawing. Superheroes caught his eye. He really wanted to create his own. He went back to improving his guitar skills at the age of 14. When he turned 20 Arnold discovered the art of card tricks. Some time after that he took up photography and not soon after that videography.

Arnold started WE THE CREATIVES not just as a brand for all creatives but also as a platform for all creatives to connect. A place of inspiration. To form the center of every art form out there. A community that you can join because yes. You are a Creative. Reach out to Arnold if you want to share your creativity or even just your thoughts


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