Which Guitar is Right for me Part 1

FYI: Everything mentioned goes for both electric and acoustic guitars. This blog post is for standard guitars. I will not cover 12 string guitars or other especially made guitars. That can be for a later post.

What do you want to play? 

Ok before you go and buy your guitar and other equipment and you try to jam like a rock star this is SUPPPPEEEER IMPORTANT.

To know what guitar you buy is based on the kind of music you want to play. Technically, yes you can get any guitar and learn how to play BUT when it comes to learning a song for example and you want to play Enter Sandman on a nylon string acoustic guitar... Yeah... You won't feel like a rock star and YES you will lose interest. So to avoid that, get a guitar that goes with the genre you are looking for. Different kind of guitars can be used in the same genre and I will cover that.  If you are not sure of what guitar goes with what genre here is a list that will help you:

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is a very loved instrument. It has been used by famous rock and blues legends like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Slash, BB King, and so many more. Therefore if you want to play anything from Rock, Jazz, or the beloved Blues than the electric guitar is for you. 

There are differences in what kind of electric guitar you may want. Certain guitars lean more towards a specific sound due to the output it gives based on the way it was built. Take the Fender Stratocaster for example:


The output of the Strat compared to a Telecaster is very different in terms of tone. I won't go into the specifics of it but the Strat has been used more for rock while the Telecaster has been used a lot more for blues. Now this does not mean you can't use either or for blues or rock. They are very versatile and can be used in various genres of music.

Now what IS used a lot more for blues or jazz for example are what are called Hollow bodied or, semi hollow bodied guitars. These are great to play that kind of music because of the rich warm sound it can produce due to how they're made.

semi hollowbodied guitar.jpg

Acoustic Guitar (Metal Strings)


The Acoustic Guitar is the Mom of the guitar family. She will give you warmth with her voice when you are sad and make you cheerful with that warmth. When you're in love or meet that guy or girl that makes you feel good, the acoustic guitar can help you resonate that feeling. It is a great instrument and I am a fan. It has a rich warm sound to it. There are two kinds of acoustic guitars. The one we are looking at under this subheading is the metal string kind. This is for those who want to play rock, blues, bluegrass, country or just about any other kind of genre. 

Acoustic Guitar (Nylon Strings)

nylon string.jpg

They Nylon String Guitar is used mostly for classical music. Rather than having strings made of metal, they are made out of nylon which feels like plastic. The nylon string guitar is used to play flamenco, classical, or folk music. The frets of the guitar which are the black spaces on the neck, are spaced out wider and the neck itself is a lot thicker. I personally love learning the basics of the guitar on a nylon stringed guitar because it allowed me to learn to press on the strings with the right amount of pressure and also to stretch my fingers pretty far but that's just my personal preference. 


The truth is that to learn to play you can pick up any of these guitars. I believe it's good to buy a guitar in which genre you are willing to stay in. For example if you want to learn how to play some Nirvana songs, you won't be able to do that on a classical guitar. You might go with a guitar based on one thing and one thing only: The PRICE. Everyone looks at that first and it makes sense. Guitars aren't cheap. We just saw how different many guitars are and every differenty type of guitar will sound different depending on the build, technology and materials used to produce it.But that should'nt be the underlying factor. There is more to guitar buying than just the price.

Now that we've got that out of the way... what other factors should we consider before buying a guitar? Stay tuned for the next post 

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